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Sleeping Giant helps brands find, tell and share their story. We are a team of creators, designers, strategists, photographers, engineers, project managers, and general beauticians, specializing in branding, visual design, video, photography, social/traditional media, digital development, and packaging. We create experiences that transform brands, nurture communities, grow businesses and make people’s lives better.



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Your brand experience with Sleeping Giant takes you and your team on a journey through our innovative design thinking process.  With backgrounds in psychology, design, health, STEM, anthropology, motion, software development, creative arts, entertainment, engineers, retail and marketing, our team has the expertise to discover what currently is and, through our process of uncovering insights, together we will discover what will be.  Throughout your journey, we work in partnership with you and your team to ensure the best possible outcomes in the shortest amount of time.

Our journey begins as we employ new and exciting research methods, including facilitated virtual focus groups, hosted experiential events, workshops, and stakeholder / consumer interviews. We have the ability to bring together both diverse groups from our Street Team of community experts, and targeted samples of your own brands community, in order to reveal insights about your products, brand, and strategy, ultimately helping us to understand your company's true ethos.  Next, we define, analyze and codify the behavior of your consumer with your brand. These findings are presented in our uniquely immersive and interactive Brand Therapy workshops. The outcome of our journey is your strategic, story-driven plan, which clearly defines your goals, objectives, and both the current, future state of your brand, along with the creation of your execution plan. We then help you execute on those plans.

Below are some examples of our team's work, which were mostly driven by our design thinking process. Our approach provides clarity and fosters ideas. With Sleeping Giant you have a supportive, collaborative partner.


Some of our clients have included


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